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Obligations of the carrier

– Ensure the complete and safe transportation of products to the designated destination, on time.

  • Deliver the product to the person who has the right to receive it.

Bear the costs related to the transportation of the property, unless otherwise agreed.

– Compensate for damages to the lessee in case the carrier loses or damages the product, unless otherwise agreed or otherwise prescribed by law.

Rights of the carrier

– Check the authenticity of the property, the bill of lading or other equivalent transport document.

– Refuse to transport property that is not in accordance with the type of property agreed in the contract.

  • Request the shipping hirer to pay the full freight on time.

Refusing to transport assets banned from trading, assets of a dangerous nature,

hazardous, if the carrier.

Obligations of the shipping hirer

– Pay full freight to the carrier according to the agreed time and method.

– Provide necessary information related to transported assets to ensure the safety of transported assets.

– Look after the property in transit, if there is an agreement. In case the lessee takes care of the property but the property is lost or damaged, no compensation will be given.

Rights of the shipping hirer

Request the carrier to transport the property to the agreed place and time.

– Directly or appoint a third person to receive the rented property back.

Liability for damages

– The carrier must compensate the lessee for damage if the property is lost or damaged.

– The charterer must compensate the carrier and third parties for damage caused by dangerous or toxic transported property without packaging measures to ensure safety during transportation. transfer.