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On November 17, 2022, the Scientific and Technological Enterprise Appraisal Council under the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology in the field of Aquaculture agreed to issue certificates for Nano Milk Thistle and Nano Yucca – Food supplement products to support prevention and control. shrimp diseases are two products of science and technology enterprises. This is the 8th Science and Technology Enterprise Evaluation Council for OIC New.

Appraisal Council agrees to approve and take souvenir photos with Inventor Luu Hai Minh

I. The process of understanding, researching and applying scientific and technological results in the field of Aquaculture

The shrimp farming industry in Asia and Latin America in the past few years has suffered extremely serious economic losses due to the increasing number of diseases in farmed shrimp. Some of them must be mentioned such as WFS – White Feces Syndrome and acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (EMS/AHPND).

The disease was identified by the group of Vibrio bacteria: Vibrio vulnificus (80%), Vibrio fluvialis (44%), Vibrio parahaemolyticus (28%), Vibrio alginolyticus (20%), Vibrio damselae (18%), Vibrio mimicus (8%) and Vibrio cholera (6%) (Dr.Chalor Limsuwan). In addition, the disease is also determined by cyanobacteria, overgrowth of thyroid algae, using poor quality feed, and food contaminated with mold. The above pathogens combined with high water temperature, stocking density… cause disease.

To prevent the disease, it is necessary to prepare clean ponds from the beginning, avoid the use of mouldy food, and limit the use of fresh food. During the farming process, strict management of environmental factors, periodic use of biological products to clean the environment, and periodic water changes will help limit diseases on shrimp, especially in times of hot sun and long-lasting rain.

Strengthening digestive probiotics, helping shrimp absorb food better, adding vitamins and minerals to help shrimp improve health and reduce stress. On the market today, there are drugs available to prevent and treat white feces disease, hepatopancreas for shrimp. These drugs are antibiotics, so they should be used according to the prescribed dosage. Avoid hasty use, increase the dose or use it not enough, causing the phenomenon of drug resistance, leading to a long treatment time, both costly and ineffective.

The application of nanotechnology in water environment treatment and disease prevention for aquaculture has helped reduce the use of antibiotics and other toxic treatment substances, helping to save costs, reduce costs, and increase productivity. quality. In addition, the nanoparticles used to treat the infected environment are also very effective, quickly cleaning and preventing the spread of disease in the farming area in the most effective way.

II. Food supplements for aquaculture: Nano Milk Thistle and Nano Yucca – A new breakthrough in supporting shrimp disease prevention

Active ingredients from natural herbs

Curcumin is essentially a yellow Polyphenol extracted from Turmeric with very high antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

Silymarin is a flavonoid that can neutralize harmful free radicals, extracted from milk thistle, helps stabilize liver cell membranes and prevent foreign toxins from entering liver cells.

However, Curcumin and Silymarin have the disadvantage of low bioavailability due to the low solubility of Curcumin and Silymarin in water. Therefore, in the world, there have been many research works to improve the bioavailability of Curcumin and Silymarin by reducing the particle size to nanoscale and encapsulating with a stabilizer to keep the particles from breaking down, or forming phytosome particles, liposomes with small size to increase solubility and absorption through the shrimp’s digestive system.

From the synthesized literature, it can be seen that there are many processes to convert Curcumin and Silymarin into nanoparticles that increase their solubility and absorption through the gastrointestinal tract. However, the synthesized Curcumin and Silymarin Nano particles are still quite large in size. With this size, the ability to transport and distribute in the digestive system will be limited. Therefore, OIC NEW has researched a process to prepare a microemulsion system with particles that are smaller than 50 nm, uniform, and better soluble in water, and still retain the structure and activity of Curcumin and Silymarin in the nanolization process.

Nhat Hai New Technology JSC has invested in research, modern machinery and equipment with the aim of creating Nano Curcumin and Silymarin products with high solubility, improved permeability through cell membranes, stable activity, and high stability of microemulsion system.

From Patent of Exclusive Invention No. 16095 and Patent of Beneficial Solution No. 2489, OIC NEW has developed into 2 commercial products, sold on the market today.

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