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Acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (also known as EMS) on whiteleg shrimp is considered the most dangerous threat to industrial shrimp farming in Southeast Asia in the recent years. In this article, OIC New will provide shrimp farmers with the necessary information to prevent hepatopancreatic disease in shrimp and limit the damage as much as possible.

Hepatopancreatic disease in white leg shrimp

Acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND, also known as early mortality syndrome – EMS) is a very dangerous disease in shrimp, causing mass death to shrimp after only a short period of time. The main cause of the disease is Vibrio parahaemolyticus bacteria or poor pond environmental management.

The disease often occurs mainly in intensive and semi-intensive shrimp farming areas 20 – 45 days after stocking and the mortality rate can be up to 100%.

Shrimp when sick often have symptoms such as:

– Swimming lethargic, not eating, drifting to the shore;

– Shrimp liver and pancreas are soft, shriveled or swollen, pale in color;

– The liver is calloused, dark in color, no longer has oil droplets;

– Shrimp has soft shells and little or no food in its intestines

Image of infected white shrimp liver

Measures to prevent hepatopancreatic disease in white shrimp

Because shrimp do not have a specific immune system, when whiteleg shrimp gets liver disease, treatment is quite difficult. Therefore, shrimp farmers need to have methods to prevent diseases from the beginning.

1. Care for shrimp properly

– Choose to buy good, healthy, disease-free varieties.

– Stock shrimp at a moderate density, not too thick. For white-legged shrimp, it is necessary to proactively harvest and prune shrimp ponds to reach the threshold (1.3 – 1.5 kg/m3).

– Choose quality food with enough nutrients, adjust the amount of food appropriately to avoid excess. Actively reduce the amount of food when the weather changes (hot, cloudy, rainy, windy, stormy) and the pond environment fluctuates (chemical treatment, algae drop, head-to-head shrimp, simultaneous molting).

– Prepare ponds according to procedures, apply biosafety methods, measures to cut pathogens for ponds where pathogens have appeared through crop rotation, multi-cropping, and drying time. plow the pond bottom long enough between farming crops.

2. Improve the pond environment

– Prepare ponds according to procedures, apply biosafety methods, measures to cut pathogens for ponds where pathogens have appeared through crop rotation, multi-cropping and have time to dry and plow the pond bottom long enough between farming crops.

– Increase water changes if necessary, note that you must check the situation of white spot and yellow head disease at that time and the appropriateness of water changes to decide.

3. Use products to prevent shrimp diseases with modern Nano technology

OIC New would like to introduce to shrimp farmers Nano Milk Thistle, this product line effectively supports the prevention of white feces disease and hepatopancreatic disease in shrimp; Strengthens liver functions and immune system in shrimp.

With ingredients prepared entirely from natural medicinal herbs and applying nanotechnology in production, it has helped reduce the use of antibiotics and toxic treatment substances, helping to save spending, reduce costs and increase productivity and quality for shrimp farmers.

Nano Milk Thistle product is mainly extracted from milk thistle (Silymarin 600mg/liter), turmeric (Curcumin 4500mg/liter)

Main uses of the product:

– Improves resistance for shrimp and fish due to changes in temperature and pH of the environment.

– Supports the prevention of white feces disease in shrimp.

– Supports the prevention of liver and pancreatic diseases in shrimp and fish.

– Enhance liver and pancreas function in shrimp and fish.

– Enhance immune system function in shrimp and fish.

– Supports liver and pancreas detoxification.

– Supports the prevention of liver swelling (liver necrosis).


– Mix 2-3ml/kg of food when preventing disease

– Feed continuously for 7-10 days and repeat after 3-4 days

– Mix 5-7ml/kg of food during epidemics

– Feed for 7-12 consecutive days and repeat after 1-2 days

Introduction to Nano technology applied by OIC New on disease prevention products for shrimp

Under the professional advice of international scientists from major universities in Vietnam as well as around the world, OIC NEW with exclusive research and production machines has successfully applied nanotechnology to prepare natural medicinal herbs with extremely small nano particle size.

OIC NEW is proud to be the first and only unit to successfully prepare the smallest sized nanoparticles on the market today (20-30nm), with standard ingredients – along with formula secrets and techniques. Nano products are completely absorbed into the digestive system of shrimp, fish… and are hundred times more bioavailable than conventional products. All of OIC New’s Nano products from natural medicinal herbs are protected by patents and utility solutions by the Intellectual Property Office on the Preparation Process – a clear demonstration of research and potential development and output quality for products.

OIC New always listens to people’s needs and reviews to continuously improve itself, providing the best products and services. People can contact OIC NEW via hotline 1900 63 69 13 to receive more detailed advices from a team of experts on the best farming process and product use.

Wishing shrimp farmers a good harvest with OIC NEW’s nano products.




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